August 2003

Football and Food

I went to a high school football game this evening, my first time attending as an alumnist. :D Apparently the team is suffering after graduation, they lost to my dad's alma mater. Later in the evening I met some friends at a pizza buffet. It was amusing watching the smaller ones among us eat so much.

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The Medallion

I had the day off of work today so I spent the better part of the day lounging around the house. This evening I went to the movies with some friends. We saw “The Medallion” to fit someone's schedule. The movie was pretty average, standard Jackie Chan fare. The company was alot better than the film.

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Workin' …sleepin'

I havn't been posting this week as I havn't been on the computer much. I've been busy working and havn't had much time to do other things. The store has been predictibly busy this week with classes starting. I suspect things will die down a bit and i'll work less hours next week. Having been busy, I may put off starting college until spring.

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Long Day, Long Night

This was my 2nd day working as cashier. The traffic was steady all day but not too stressful. After work and dinner, I spent the evening at a friend's house, who is leaving for college tomorrow. Let's just say I wish I had a video camera… *cough*blackmail.

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A Little More Work

My second day on the job passed rather quietly. There wasn't a whole lot to do. One thing I can say about this place is that the people are very nice and pleasent to work with. My father tells me that I will soon be needed so I'll start working for him part-time as well. I did a bit more work on the site this evening. The new site will likely be in place in soon.

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First Day on the Job

I just got a job at the Tulane campus bookstore. Today was my first day. Myself and eight other temp. employees were training, learning to operate a cash register. i don't think any of us really learned that much. By the end of the week we should be working normally and then we'll actually learn this. Hopefully I won't be doing much cashiering as I doubt i'd be good at it.

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Brother Leaves – v7 Development Continues

My brother left town today to go to a public boarding school of sorts, some five hours away. It should be alot quieter around the house now since my youngest brother has no one to bicker with. I spent the better part of the day coding Mr. B's Domain Version Seven. So far, i'm not really impressed with my vision of the final product, but when it's polished I just might have something to be proud of.

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Code and Copeland’s

With my brother leaving town tomorrow, my parents decided to take him to dinner. We went to Copeland’s, I had the seafood platter and Banana’s Foster Shortcake, both of which were quite good. I spent the evening coding the first page of Mr. B’s Domain v7. The work is coming slow but the site is already taking shape.

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It looks like I've finally managed to get myself a job, albeit a temporary one. Some time next week I'll be going to the bookstore at the Tulane student center to start training. The job doesn't pay much but it gets my parents off my back…if only for a short while. When and if this job ends i'll likely just work for my dad. There should be enough work by then.

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Seeing an Old Teacher – 100th Post

Me and some friends went to meet an old teacher of ours at a coffee shop this afternoon. His wife got a free ride to Stanford so they moved to California. He was back for two days so he could pick up his car. Later I went to the Riverwalk with one of the friends before heading home. I did some experimenting in PSP tonight, I may have a foundation for v7.

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Museum and the Movies

I spent the afternoon at the National D-Day Museum. It was nice going again, as some things had been added since my last visit. Standing around bothers me though and my feet hurt most of the time. This evening I went to see S.W.A.T. with some friends. The company was better than the movie, which was rather mediocre.

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Graduation Class Pictures

I picked up my graduation class pictures today. There was supposed to be a group class picture and one taken on stage with the principle during the diploma distribution. I did not receive a group picture, for a reason unknown. A friend of mine got one. I was rather unimpressed with the print. The camera was held crooked and I was cut out of the ends.

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Filling the walls

After several months of having bare walls in my room, I finally bought some posters i've been meaning to get. I got the “Dare to be Average” pack from here. They fill the walls nicely but I could use more variety.

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The Matrix Reloaded at the IMAX

Me and two friends went to see The Matrix Reloaded at the IMAX theater late this evening. It was pretty cool to see this film on such a big screen. The picture quality was impressive considering the size increase. My friends arrived late but didn't miss much.

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