July 2003

Mr. B's Domain v7 Concept Art

Today has passed rather quietly. I spent a good part of the day working on concepts for the next version of this website. I think I have some good ideas but i'm far from anything solid. I burned another roll of film around the house, practicing with my camera. These pictures were a drastic improvment from last time.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

This evening I went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean” with some friends. It was a half-decent film, providing you don't think too hard. Johnny Depp makes the movie with his hilarious performance. Overall, it makes for 2+ hours of satisfactory escapism, but I certainly won't be buying the DVD.

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Slow Day

Today passed rather slowly. I went through my daily job searching routine and watched “The Apostle.” I got the pictures back that I took last Friday. It was the first roll with my “new” camera. Sadly, and not too surprisingly, the pictures came out pretty badly. This was the first try with a camera I barely understand. Hopefully the next few go-'rounds will show improvement.

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A Final Farewell…finally

Myself and some others said a final goodbye a friend of ours who's moving to Arizona. We spent the evening wandering the French Quarter. These repeated farewells have taken alot out of me. I'm kind of glad it's over, but getting to see her again makes any grief worthwhile. We all intend to keep in touch, which would be nice as we were all just getting to know each other.

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Saying Goodbye …again

I had a friend over to the house this afternoon. She'll be moving out of state this week and I wanted to see her again and show a movie. I didn't get to speak with her as much as i would have liked but she did seem to enjoy the movie. This is like the fourth time I've 'said goodbye,' and it may not be the last. It's starting to bug me.

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Not Much Happening

I've spend the last few days looking for a job and doing housework. My replacement keyboard came today and it's working fine. Some friends came over for a short while. They talked amongst themselves for a short while and we watched a movie.

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U.S.A vs. Brazil

I went to a women's soccer game this afternoon. The US played Brazil. The pace was rather slow until the last several minutes. The only score of the game was by the USA's Tiffeny Milbrett in the last minute of the game. The weather was quite hot, with little cloud cover. I spent the evening figuring out how to use an old Olympus OM10 my dad gave me.

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Fixing the Broken Stuff

Today hasn't been remarkably productive. I tried fixing that microcassette recorder to no avail. I tried getting the router to work. It lights up properly but I can't connect to it. A repairman came by the house today to look at the phones. The box outside was fried and will be replaced tomorrow. I just got Vice City so I've been fooling with that.

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…At Least the TV Still Works

Things have been breaking left and right in this house. A couple days ago my wireless keyboard on the computer crapped out, which is why I haven’t posted lately. The phones were down this morning. Later in the day, lightning struck our cable line frying our modem and router. In the process of installing the new modem I tripped over and broke my dad's microcassette recorder.

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Independence Day

This is easily the wettest 4th of July I remember. Even so, patronage at events is still strong. I spent the evening at a friend's BBQ. We just spent the evening eating and watching a couple of movies, National Security and the Distinguished Gentleman. Both of them were reasonably amusing…I think this is the first year I've gone all day and not see any fireworks.

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