April 2003

A Quiet Monday

With the sophomores away on a field trip and dismal attendance by seniors recovering from a trip to Florida, the day went rather quietly. I spent a lot of time perusing the latest issue of PC Gamer, with a great cover article on Half Life 2. I must say this game looks stunning and revolutionary. I hope I can wait.

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

On this the end of a four day weekend, I went to Jazz Fest. The weather was fantastic, making the great musicians and food that much better. My favorite performance was that of Tim Laughlin. His excellent clarinet playing was backed up by a great band. I may go next Sunday as there is an impressive line-up.

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Long time, no posts

A few things have happened since the last entry. I was initially distracted from posting because of a project I was working on for English class, a scrapbook with a few essays and a number of other things. With that out of the way, spring break has come and is about over. It’s gone rather quietly. Today, I met with the dean at Tulane University College.

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Relatives in Town

I’m sorry for neglecting to post. This week hasn’t been very incredible anyway. School has been progressing normally. I reinstalled SoF2 and finished plaing after a long dry spell. It’s a very good game. After arriving late at achool today, due partly to rain, I found that I made it to the state level of the Literary Rally.

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Today was not unusual for a Monday. I had yet another history test, on which I did somewhat well. This evening was equally uninteresting. My mom took over my computer to do some work as her PC hasn’t been working lately. That being the case I spent most of the evening drawing and watching FOX news…and Dave Letterman is back.

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