March 2003

Helping and Studying

Today was a standard-issue Wednesday at school. Two hours in front of a computer and a little math. I spent most of this evening with my mom at her place of work helping her catch up on some things. Following that I spent some time studying for tomorrow’s history test to the music of ‘Enigma.’

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Literary Rally

This morning I participated in the district literary rally. Basically, it’s a contest involving students from around the state taking tests in various subject. This year I wen for computer literacy. I did ok, but I would have done much better if I had bothered to read a book for an hour. This evening was divided between the net and TV. …just more Mac Emulation. I still havn’t found a ‘finder’ I like to the windows taskbar is still there. Running programs/mods include… “ezMacOSX” visual style Objectdock Trillian (with “OSX” skin) Winamp 2.81 (with “Winamp X” skin) Sysmeter (with a Windows XP skin I modified slightly) Hacked system files by Iceman Defauly OSX wallpaper by Apple Mr. B –

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Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference 2003

This evening I attened a conference of MS devs. The confrence focused on small devices such as smart phones, PDAs, and Tablet PCs. It was an interesting and somewhat new experience for me. I enjoyed Bill Gates’ keynote speech. Certain segments were very entertaining.

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Saddam, You Have 16 Hours Remaining

This Tuesday wasn’t espesially eventful. I spend the first half of school tracking down a Dell power supply to no avail and the 2nd half listening to my history teacher talk about the impending war with Iraq and other little wars the USA has been involved in. I came home this afternoon to find my dad’s PC was broken again.

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Fourth Day of LEAP

Today was the 4th day of LEAP testing. I slept in yesterday. I spent the entire day in my 1st period class, listening to music and Rush Limbaugh, and playing Quake II. It started raining rather hard after school so I came home soaked, even though I was using an umbrella.

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Tulane Beats LSU 5-4

Today was the 2nd day of LEAP testing and 2nd day of nothingness. This evening I watched a baseball game between two college teams, Tulane and LSU. They are big rivals …or mortal enemies, depends on who you ask. The game had extra innings. A base hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 12th ended the game.

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Today was the first of five days of LEAP testing at school. Various grade levels have to take this high-stakes test to decide if a student is to advance to the next grade level. Seniors such as myself do not take this test and we are required to stay in the same room for the duration of the testing, meaning we must sit in one room all day.

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Sickly Friday

I woke up feeling like crap today so I stayed home from school. My allergies have been getting progressively worse over the past week. Unlike most of my days off, I didn’t really accomplish anything. I divided my time between bed and television. I watched “Exit Wounds,” a satisfactory movie about police corruption.

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Five Day Weekend

The Mardi Gras holiday provided some free time, alot of which was spent padding my MP3 collection. I finally got all of Orchestral Game Concert, along with some stuff from ‘Art of Noise.’ I also watched a number of movies including the two ‘Blade’ films, Blade Runner, Bowling for Columbine and Free Enterprise.

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Rebuilding Dad’s PC

Today was “Dress Down Day” at school. For a small fee, you could wear something other than your uniform. I took the 2nd part of a big history test, I did poorly today. I spent the evening cleaning and rebuilding my parent’s computer. The hard drive broke and the replacment came today. I’ll be reinstalling a bunch of stuff tomorrow.

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