February 2003

Thursday…yup, that’s today

Aside from the first part of a big history test, not much happened at school today. Upon returning home, I found a PC Magazine T-shirt in my mailbox. They accepted an entry I submitted for their “Backspace” column. I like free T-shirts and I look forward to seeing my entry in the next magazine.

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Sitting At Home

Having been suspended from school for a day because of wearing white shoes and skipping detention, I stayed home. Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. I did get alot of laundry done but I never got around to working on my research paper. For dinner I tried a new casserole, it was ok but not worth the effort.

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Space Program Debate

Today was probably one of the most enjoyable days of school this year. We had an interesting debate about the space program in Physics class. It was a fine opportunity to use my natural debating skills…oh hell, I just like arguing with people. I got home to find my parent’s PC was broken, most likely a fatal virus.

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Another day, Another History Test

Aside from a test in history, which I think I did well on, not much happened in school today. I spend the evening fooling around with video conferencing software. Netmeeting didn’t work for a friend so I ended up using Eyeball Chat, a descent chat client with video capabilities. I don’t intend to give up Trillian though.

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Finsihed Unreal II

A few times a year, the powers that be at school go around making inspections of the students and their uniforms. I was assigned a detention for having shoes of the wrong color. I have no intention of serving it. After school, I finished playing Unreal II. I wasn’t impressed with the ending to this short but good game.

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Working on Unreal II

School was rather uneventful today. After dinner, I spent some time playing through Unreal II. I’m on the 11th mission so I should be about done. The game is quite nice, scary at times though. While it is a well-polished game, it’s a bit short for the $50 pricetag. This game is gonna need alot of mods to stay alive.

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Yet Another Monday Post

After a weekend spent writing a book report of sorts, Monday has arrived. The only excitment of any sort took place in Physics. The teacher nailed some 60 students for cheating, specifically copying excel spreadsheets. He’s having all these kids write two essays totaling 2,250 words…first time i’ve seen the guy show a backbone.

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Unreal 2

I got a new game today, “Unreal II, The Awakening.” I must say i’m very impressed. The graphics are stunning, the game provides alot of freedom for a shooter. When talking to people, you can choose what to say, among a number of other little features. I’ve only played the first mission so far, but I expect to be playing this game alot in the coming weeks.

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Finished Reading

After an inconsequential day at school, I finished reading “All but My Life” by Gerda Klein. It is a holocaust memoir that we have to read for school. It was certainly an interesting and enlightening book, and equally depressing. Like most stories, it ends happily. I have several papers to write on the book.

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Monday…yup, that’s today

Well, it was yet another Monday and I can’t think of a damn thing to say about it.

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Church and a Hair Cut

Today has been divided between church, wasting time on the computer, reading a book for school, and getting a hair cut. I was surprised that the stylist actually remembered me from six weeks back. Maybe it’s because of how bad my hair looked, as I never get it cut often enough.

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Adding a Dock

I spent the entire evening adding a dock to my computer desktop. It’s that thing that Mac OS X has on the bottom of the screen with all the icons. It’s working really well so far although all additions/modifcations must be done manually. I do like it but i’m not sure I can give up the standard taskbar….I have a test tomorrow and I havn’t touched a textbook yet

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Wednesday, It Comes After Tuesday

It was another uneventful day at school. It was my turn to bring a king cake for 5th period. This evening I got interested in desktop customization again. I’m furthuring my efforts to make Windows XP look like OSX. I already have the icons, cursors, and visual style. A dock and customized toobar should finish things up. [ Picture ]

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Yesterday was boring, but today…

Absolutely nothing happened today. With low attendance and a voluntary test, little went on in any of my classes. Mr. Bryant lectured for two hours straight about something we’ve already tested on. I can barely maintain a conversation for two minutes, and this guy could recite all recorded history from memory.

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