January 2003

Pasta Bridge Competition

In physics today, a pasta bridge competion was held. Groups were to constuct a 50cm/400g bridge using only pasta, Elmer's glue and plastic wrap. Mylena did a fantastic job building this bridge. Upon first glance, I didn't think it would hold an empty bucket. To my surprise, it was the best of all classes holding 18 times it's weight. Congradulations to her.

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Yet Another Monday

Nothing of circumstance occured today. I forgot my History notes but still did fairly on the test. I have another one tomorrow and I havn’t even looked at the chapter yet. I’ll have some time in class to study though. For dinner, we went to my grandma’s house. The food was excellent as always.

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Sad-ass Super Bowl

After a nice start, the Raiders got massacred by the Bucs. I can’t remember the last time the Raiders performed so poorly. Needless to say, I’m very dissapointed. It’s one thing to lose, but to get obliterated like that is embarassing for a fan such as myself. Al Davis shouldn’t have let Mr. Gruden go.

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SimCity 4

I got the latest version of SimCity today. As is the norm for the series, the new one is much better with significant improvements in all areas. The music is especially good. As is also true, new features means increased difficulty. Every damn thing has a monthly maintenance fee; I have yet to make a profitable city.

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Half of Friday

We had a half day at school today, which was nice. I had a few extra hours to do nothing. I watched a few movies this evening. “Signs”, a descent thriller, and “Rush Hour 2”, a standard-issue Jackie Chan flick. It’s almost midnight as I write this, i’m full of caffine and will probably watch another movie.

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Monday Monday…not really

School was rather uneventful aside from a History test. I spent most of the evening in from of Direct Connect downloading assorted crap I don’t need. DC++ is a pretty cool P2P program that I’m just getting used to. It’s on a whole new plane of existance from Kazaa Lite. Anyone with some spare time should check it out.

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Three Day Weekend

This weekend my parents and brother drove up to a small town with my brother to tour a school he’ll likely attend next year. Over the weekend I got my first contract work as a web designer. It was a casual introduction into the area, as the clients were already acquaintances. Hopefully it will be the first of many jobs.

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Friday + Short Classes = Good

We had short periods in school today to make time for a student/faculty volleyball game. Neither team was remarkably impressive that the students were better winning all three matches. This evening, my dad convinced me to watch “Eddie and the Cruisers,” an old movie about a rock-and-roll band. To my surprise, it didn’t suck.

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Playing SimCity 3000

Once again, I have neglected posting here. I havn’t been online much in the past week, althuogh I have been on the computer playing SimCity 3000. I suppose I need a break from the regular online routine and this seems a good way to do it. I should be back to posting regularly soon. [Burn CD for Josh]

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Finished Red Faction

This Friday was more uneventful than most. I didn’t have any exams so I spend most of school listening to music, browsing message boards, and reading. We had tuna fish and soup for dinner because I forgot to thaw stuff for meatballs. This evening I finally got around to finishing the game, “Red Faction.” It a good game, if a bit old.

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Exams Today

First Semester exams started at school today. I had World History and English IV. Both were marginaly hard, I probably got Bs on both. I watched “Minority Report” this evening. It was a good movie, although I’m surprised Ebert picked it as his best of 2002. It was good, but probably not that good.

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[TAG] Website Hacked

During a block period in school, I did some work on the [TAG] site preparing for new games, only to be blown off by Perfection, who’s attitude has come full circle in the past few days. Later in the day, the site was hacked redirectting elewhere. The news manager was compromised. The problem has since been fixed.

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Back to School

I see i’ve neglected posting here for a few days. Not much has happened anyway. I went back to school on Monday, exams will be later this week. I took my graduation pictures today, I won’t have any idea how they look until I recieve them. I can’t imagine myself looking that good in a purple gown.

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Super Bowl Work

Today is did a little temp work at the Superdome before the Sugar Bowl. Me and a few others were handing out no-glare strips (the things football players wear under their eyes). It wasn’t the best use of four hours, nor the worst. It wasn’t the disaster I was expecting but it could have been better.

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