This Year

I was looking at my website today and thinking about a makeover and it occurred to me that a reference to the current year would be a good start. I only made one token entry to the “log” last year, but I’ll be lucky to merely double that this year. My enthusiasm about web design has waned somewhat as well, but I am eager to refresh the look the website before festival season. Lately, a lot of my at-home computer time has been squandered on Reddit instead of something productive.

Last year I contemplated a more substantial website upgrade, including an independently styled mobile version. I certainly don’t expect it to be used much, but mobile is entirely new territory for me so it would at least be a valuable learning experience. It should also be considerably easier compared to just a few years ago when the predominant “mobile web experience” was largely confined to 320 pixels. Also on my to-do list is a substantial upgrade to the photo gallery software, but with ten thousand images in there, I am hesitant to make big changes that might disrupt the database.

Gallery 3 Installed

After more than seven years using Gallery 2 on my website, I finally migrated to Gallery 3 this weekend. Now that the product has matured, converting my database of nearly 10,000 images went without a hitch. The only real work was adapting a theme to fit my aesthetic preferences. Shaping it to fit "my vision" was a bit of a hassle as gallery three has a more complicated structure, but it was entirely doable. The upgrade should make browsing my photos faster and slightly easier, but the new backend was my main motivation for upgrading.

On the downside, I've broken hundreds of external links and lost years worth of search engine caching. My brief attempt at .htaccess redirection was unsuccessful. To offset the loss, I took the opportunity to move things around and improve the URL naming, so I should see more favorable results after Google and company crawl through the new gallery. I have also made mention of the upgrade on my 404 page so any motivated visitors will still be able to find what they're looking for the gallery's own search function.

I switched to Windows Phone after more than two years with an iPhone. No regrets. Windows Central may be the best Windows Phone community online and their obsessive blog coverage makes it easy to keep up with the slowly improving app situation.

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