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I've been dabbling in web design for a few years and have a few sites to show for it. Also included is some school work i've done over the years. It's nothing special but it fills space.
Web Design

My First Website
My First Website

This is the first set of HTML pages I ever created. It was done for a networking class a few years ago. With these pages I learned the simple things like headers, frames and tables. The code is simple and crude, but it's why Mr. B's Domain exists today in all its glory.
Mr. Bs Domain Version 3
Mr. B's Domain Version 3

This is the first incarnation of Mr. B's Domain. It used a template from Free Web Templates. Over the next year or so, I added a framed version, and alot of the content that is here in v7. I was rather impressed with my work at the time even though the appearance is rather blase.
Mr. Bs Domain Version 4
Mr. B's Domain Version 4

My first web template, dull and grey as it may be. I decided I better start making my own layouts and this is well, a start. Again, simple code but not so crude. The interface was created with MS Paint and Irfanview, with a header from Flaming Text. Unfortunately, little content was added with this new version. Over the course of its run, it was moved between a few free hosts. Eventually I moved the site to professional hosting when I took over the [TDM] website.
The Dark Masters Clan Website
The Dark Masters Clan Website

Shortly after joining [TDM], a gaming clan for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, I took duties as webmaster. There was a pre-existing site which I eventually got rid of in favor of redesigning it myself. This site was easily the best learning experience of all the sites I've created. After maintaining the site for the 18 months, I left [TDM] and the site was shut down.
Mr. Bs Domain Version 5
Mr. B's Domain Version 5

Finally, some color! After a couple grey and dull websites, I created a colorful interface, although most people thought the colors were crap. This layout is based on LCARS, the computer interface seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation and series following. I had always wanted to do an LCARS interface; this one follows the DS9 canon. With this version, my hand-coding got alot cleaner. For my first crack at LCARS, I think I did alright. Again, not much content was added.
The Assembly of Gamers
The Assembly of Gamers

Shortly after leaving [TDM], a classmate told me he was considering starting a clan for Unreal Tournament 2003. I was interested and [TAG] was founded. I wanted a standard three column layout, as the last clan site I did was cramped. With some of the tricks I learned as an intern at Priority Mobile Health, I used PHP for the first time on a website. My coding improved a bit and I was able to create an attractive site using only three images. The site received high praise and I am still impressed at the sites appearance.
Priority Mobile Health
Priority Mobile Health

First, it needs to be said that this is not my website, I was only a contributor. Thanks to the School to Career program, I got my first job as an intern working at Priority EMS. I and two fellow interns, along with my boss, created this website. It was used by the company until they were bought out by Acadian Ambulance Service. I worked as the primary coder while one did the graphic work and another did PHP coding for the intranet section. Even so, I learned a few PHP tricks, did something I love, and got paid for it.
Mr. Bs Domain Version Six -
Mr. B's Domain Version Six -

Before moving on to another concept, I decided to take another crack at LCARS. Obviously the color blue is relatively safe for websites, and I saw a blue LCARS screen in the latest Star Trek movie and decided to try that color scheme. is easily the most well-planned site I have ever created. I always scribble some things on paper but this was the first time I made some descent drawings. I believe this is my best work.

School Work - High School

The Automobile in America - This is an essay I wrote for American History class in 11th grade. We were fortunate enough to be able to choose the subject ourselves to some degree. I don't remember the criteria but I remember writing about cars was a stretch. I initially got an 'F' on the rough draft because the teacher thought I plagiarized the entire paper. It was rather amusing as I was promptly able to prove otherwise, I suppose I took it as a compliment.

Benjamin Banneker - This was a small project for Trigonometry It was supposed to be a power-point presentation on a black person influential in the mathematics community, but I was permitted to do some web pages instead given my obvious preference for the Internet. It gets some hits on Google so I suppose it has some usefulness.

Timeline by Michael Crichton - Timeline is one of my favorite books, so when I was asked to do a book report on a historically oriented book, this was the obvious choice. The main purpose of the paper is to judge the accuracy of this historical references contained throughout. Crichton's books appear to be exhaustively researched and his accuracy is remarkable. The only problem with the paper is the plot summary, which runs too long so I skipped 200 pages of material.

"All But My Life" by Gerda Weissmann Klein - This book was the centerpiece of English and World History at the end of my senior year. There were a few projects surrounding the book. This is a standard-issues book report on the holocaust memoir. It was certainly an interesting book but not a very easy read, as it's not at all a happy story.

The Roots of Anti-Semitism - This was another essay loosely based on the book mentioned above. Anti-Semitism was something I didn't understand so I made this my subject of choice to answer that question. I would have gone into a lot more detail would it not have been for the word limit.

School Work - College

Former Marine Opens Costume Shop - A news feature for a journalism class pertaining to the business of Halloween.

Review - Sony Vaio R505 Series - This is the first assignment from my review writing class worth reading, an extended review of my laptop.

Review - TrekBBS - A critique of one of the most interesting Sci-Fi message boards.

Review - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Generic movie review of the special effects extravaganza.

Kubrick HD-DVD Box Set Magazine Ad - This was the final project for a layout and design class, a magazine advertisement for a fictional product.

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