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Mr. B's Domain:

Mr. Bís Domain is the personal website of Brian Bennett. My interest in making websites began with a small assignment in high school. I found web design and HTML to be quite interesting so I created Mr. B's Domain. Over the last few years, Iíve redesigned the site a few times, occasionally added actual content and learned a lot along the way.

The graphics were drawn in with MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro. All coding was done by with Notepad and 1st Page 2000, except for the image maps which were created with Mapedit.

The photographs seen above are from stock.xchng, a free stock photo website.

Mr. B:

I am a student residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. I attend Tulane's School of Continuing Studies and work part time with my dad's business. Like a lot of people, I spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of computers which in large part explains the existence of this website. In addition to watching a lot of movies, I also enjoy photography which may one day give this website an actual purpose.

My handle, "Mr. B," is a nickname given to me back in high school by a teacher and coach, Frank Wilson. It was his custom it assign everyone a nickname. My initials are B.B. so it's no secret what the name means.

Contact Me:

E-Mail: nx_2000 @
AIM: tagmisterb AIM Status
ICQ: 140907307 ICQ Status
MSN: nx_2000 @ MSN Status
Yahoo: tagmisterb Yahoo Status

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