Mr. B's Favorite Sites

The Dark Masters Dot Net This is the other web site I run, it for a gaming clan
Mr. B's Domain v3.x Here's my old site, with the old interface
Google The best search engine with 2.3+ billion indexed pages
ZD Net One big honkin' computer site
eBay The famous internet auction house
W3C The World Wide Web Consortium
Despair Inc. A hilarious site selling 'demotivating' posters
GUI Stuff A great site with interfaces and web design tools
Spoono Cool site, cool stuff...'nuff said
How Stuff Works A highly informative site on how things work
Old A great site featuring info many obsolete computers
Tweak XP A site for Windows XP users with visual themes, etc.
Dangeruss Industries A fantastic desktop enhancement site
Deskmod Another great desktop enhancement site
The Unofficial Tetris web site A stunning site devoted to the Game Boy classic
Dave Touretzky's web site The truth about Scientology, Amway, and more
Desktop StarShips A fine collection of sci-fi wallpaper
Star The official Star Trek web site The ultimate resource for Star Trek multimedia
Ex Astris Scientia Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site
Maximum Defiant A Star Trek Site centered around the U.S.S. Defiant
Star Trek Center A portal for Trek related games
Elite Force Files The best site for Elite Force maps, skins, etc.
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