October 2005

Dinner in Another Cafeteria

Like yesterday there was no sense of urgency in getting up this morning. I was in my room for the better part of the afternoon, with a few exceptions for food. I had the Raiders game on for a little while. Khadijah called he some time in the evening and asked me to join her for dinner off-campus because she lost her school ID. Sarah was with her when she picked me up on side of Cottingham. We stopped at Wal-Mart first. They needed some things and I went off and got some laundry detergent and a few more hangers. With the shopping out of the way we went to Ryan’s. I didn’t quite understand the logic of going to another cafeteria but the food was pretty good by comparison to the one I’ve been patronizing under duress. I poked around with my website a little this evening but didn’t make too much progress.

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Louisiana Tech vs. New Mexico State

I got up more than a little late this morning and got cleaned up and dressed around one. The cool weather of the last few days was gone. I heard from Khadijah around the same time and asked if I wanted to go tailgating with her this afternoon. A youth group from her church was tailgating before this evening’s LA Tech football game versus New Mexico State. Khadijah and I walked down Tech Drive to the stadium sometime before two. It’s not far from my dormitory. We were told to look for a yellow truck which we had no trouble finding. I recognized a lot of the people there from visiting the church a couple times. Others I had never met before. We were immediately encouraged to get something to eat and did. There were hot sausages and hamburgers. For the most part we all just sat around talking for a few hours. The guy with the yellow truck ended up with a dead battery after running the radio without running the engine. They tried jump-starting the truck with no luck. The guy, whose name I’m afraid I can’t remember, had to go get a new battery and was gone for a while. They packed everything up around five and we entered the stadium. Admission is free for students, although the seats are on the sunny side of the stadium. The ‘student’s section’ is situated directly behind the visiting team’s sideline, which was ‘interesting.’ About 17,000 people showed for the game this evening, although it didn’t really look like it since Joe Aillet Stadium could hold the entire population of Ruston and still have 8,000 seats to spare. Even though most Tech students leave town for the weekend there was still a very respectable student turnout. The school spirit and enthusiasm was impressive. The have a lively marching band. I had to stand up for the duration of the game. Although I was able to sit and see a good deal of action late in the fourth quarter as the crowd thinned out a bit. The game started at six. New Mexico got the ball first but it was intercepted after three of four downs. That kind of set the tone for the whole game, although LA tech had to punt shortly after the interception. Louisiana Tech dominated throughout. At halftime, the score was 24-0. The scoring continued in the second half. It was 34-0 with about four minutes left. New Mexico got a couple touchdowns in before the games end for a final of 34-14. After the game a friend of Kali took us home can’t remember his name either. I took a shower after getting home and got off my feet, which were killing me. With Star Trek VI in the background, I spent the rest of the evening tinkering with my website, although I didn’t make any real progress. I went to bed at midnight.

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