September 2004


In light of approaching hurricane Ivan, we spent the day preparing to evacuate. The first part of the day was spent boarding up the house and moving things from outside into the garage, like potted plants. We stopped by my grandmother in Belle Chasses to board up her picture window. Having finished the outside work, I cleaned myself up and started packing my things. There wasn’t that much stuff I felt the need to take. I packed up the hard drives from my computer and a few hundred burned CDs and DVDs with backups of my data. I also took my scrapbook and a box of photographs, and some small electronic items. I spent the late evening folding and packing my clothes. ‘Luckily,’ I don’t have many.

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I got dropped off at the New Orleans Centre about an hour before my English class today. I did the usual breakfast, browse video game store thing. Class was fine. We spent some time discussing the hurricane that’s approaching the gulf coast. After English Class, Ann met me for lunch. I think this was the first time we ate elsewhere from Purple Roses. After finishing my sub we got a quick ride to the medical school down the street, it was raining right before we left. I stopped into the bookstore to say hi. I thought about buying an umbrella but decided to take my chances instead. I caught the 2:15 shuttle uptown. I bought my info. systems book today, $70 used. Ouch. The poster sale was still going on so I browsed that for a bit, and actually bought something. I then made my way to the computer lab, where I broke my headphones. I had lots of time to kill so I thought I’d try and fix them. There was a woman in the computer lab with a lot of questions that I answered over about an hour while I was failing to fix my headphones. I ordered some replacements on Amazon. Class convened on time in the lab where I was. There was a ‘lab’ today in which we were introduced to QuickBasic and Pascal. The second half of the class was lecture in the classroom. I don’t remember much. After class I walked to the library to meet Dad and go home. I learned that hurricane Ivan was headed our way and he had already started making preparations to secure his offices. We drove out to the east to get some equipment from the east office and bought some boxes at a crowded Wal-Mart store where a good number of people were buying supplies. When I got home I started gathering some thing I wanted to take if we were to evacuate.

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Tulane vs. Florida A & M

There was a substitute at my media arts class this morning. The class discusstion was aobut print media. My dad had to open the office today so I was able to get a ride both ways. Dad, Andrew and myself went to see Tulane play Florida A & M in their first home game of the season this evening. We got their early so we could sit around and eat some food we brought. I convinced myself to throw a football around with Andrew for a while. The game itself was entertaining. Tulane put on a good show, which should be expected since Florida's teams is hardly a force to be reconed with. Their band, on the other hand, certainly is. The Florida A & M Marching 100 performed before the game and at half time. They were quite impressive, they had enough people to play to both sides of the audience simultaneously. Tulane won the game 32-14. I believe I spoke with Khadijah later in the evening.

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Work Again, Just Not as Much

I was at work today just as yesterday. I didn't have as much to do today. I topped off the reports I mostly finished yesterday. There was the usual cleaning and I changed the water in the hydrocollator. This evening was largely devoid of activity.

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Reports, Yeah Lots of Those

I worked at mid city today. Over thr course of the day I transcribed eleven reports. The volume of work was the only thing unusual. We had barbeque sandwiches for dinner. I watched “Trekkies 2” this evening. It was more painful watching this one than the first.

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Class… and That's About It

I was dropped off at the New Orleans Centre this morning before class. I had some time as usual and got some breakfast and browsed EB Games for a while. I suspect this will become quite a pattern in the coming Wednesdays. English class was ok, another new face and a couple people missing. I didn't have my assignment with me, but it didn't seem to be a big deal. After class I stopped at McDonalds for lunch, got the usual. I had plenty of time before the shuttle so I stopped by the bookstore to get a pen and say hi t some former co-workers. Ann wasn't there but I ran into her right after I left. After the shuttle arrived uptown I stpped at the bookstore to get my English textbook which I know I won't be using much. $35 used. After that I meddled around a computer lab for a while before class. Journalism class was ok. We moved classrooms because the AC was broken in our usual room. The chairs really sucked in the one we went into. Among other things, we had our little dissection of an article in the paper.

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Back and Fourth Work

I went to work today without much to do. I spent most time reading. We went between the mid city and east offices a couple times. Later in th evening I scratched my journalism assignment together and watched some TV.

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Kali's Last Full day in Town

This was Khadijah's last full day in town. I don't remember doing much during the day, perhaps I slept most of it away. I cooked dinner in the evening, I made pork chop casserole. We made out way out of the house at about 9:30 with Andrey to get some dessert. staying on the west bank was confining so we just went to Bennigan's. Khadijah promptly got pissed off for reasons I doubt I'll ever understand and remained that was most of the evening so it was a pretty lousy outing. We didn't speak too much after we got home, although she wasn't bothered with me. Khadijah played a video game for a while and I went to bed around 1:30.

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The Manchurian candidate

I got up early in the morning to be ready to take the bus to my Saturday morning class, “Intro. to Media Arts.” I guess Khadijah didn't feel like being home as she accomanied me to school. We didn't leave as early as we should have but got really licky in catching the Freret bus so I was only 15 minutes late to class. It was entertaining as the first session was. Khadijah injoyed it, no doubt because of the amusing discourse and the complete absense of obligation. After class we took the bus back to Canal Street. before heading home we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. As it turnes out Khadijah is also a fan of their #4, double quarter-pounder with cheese. I was simply amazed. After lunch we took the bus home and arrived about 2:00. Dad grilled some hamburgers and sausages for dinner. Later in the evening Andrey, Khadijah, and myself went to see a movie. With minimal convincing we saw “The Manchurian Candidate.” I was a bit surprised it was still playing. Walking out of the theater I wasn't sure what to think about the movie. It was reasonably compelling but weird and darker than I would have expected.

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Internet "Problems"

On Friday morning I learned that I was indeed responsible for the internet problem. Service was cut off for the last time for file sharing. That afternoon I did some chores including cleaning the kitchen and mowing the lawn. I was lucky to have mowed when I did as it started raining soon after. Having cleaned myself up, we sat down and watched “Shine,” a movie about a david H*, a schitsoprenic piano player. It was a bit strange, but enjoyable. As I recall I didn't fel like going out for the evening so we were home all day. For dinner we had some shrimp stew that my grandmother had cooked. Jeff got home later in the evening for a 'required weekend.' He was home for Labor day. Khadiah and I watched “The Red Violin” before bed.

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Kali's First Day in Town

Khadijah arived this afternoon. She is to stay at our house for a few days until she leaves for school. Later in the day we decided to go out for the evening. Andre picked us up and we went to a nearby coffee house for a while to hang out and play cards. After a while Andre had to part company as he needed to be home. Me and Khadijah didn't feel like going home yet, especially me, so we decided to see a movie. Before that we stopped by a cell phone dealer so she could inquire about replacing her long lost cell phone. Several words and a few brocures later we went over the river to Canal Place. When we got there we decided to see “Garden State,” which had just started. It was a decent movie, althuogh it did seem a bit too short. After the movie I called home to let the folks know I was on the way and inquire about a concern I had had all night. The internet was down at home all day and I thought it way have been shut off by Cox again. I wasn't sure what had happened and I was still unsure as Dad would not elaborate during the call. After that we took the bus home. After getting home me and Khadijah talked for a while and went to bed. I let her stay in my room during her stay and I took the sofa sleeper in the living room.

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